Affinity Programs



CorCom Partners Inc. works as a broker and a consultant for our clients.

As a broker we review your current providers bills for local, long distance and data.  Lots of new technologies are available to include Voice Over I P (VOIP). We then present you with a proposal showing opportunities to reduce your expenses with your current or an alternate provider.   Once a provider has been chosen we work for you to assure all of your lines are provisioned in a timely manner.  There are no surprises.  After your lines are provisioned we become your point of contact for customer service, moves adds and changes and trouble reporting.  There is never a charge for our work as a broker as we are compensated by the provider you chose!


As a consultant we will work for you to help you manage your telecommunications department, create and manage RFP's and help to set up new services where you chose a provider with whom we do not work.  As a consultant we are compensated on an hourly basis.