Public Utilities


Our utility brokering/consulting is based on the following.....

1).  Assuring you are on the correct rate plan with your CURRENT provider for Electricity and Natural Gas. 

2).  Determining if you are eligible to be moved to an ALTERNATE provider for Electricity and Natural Gas. IF YOU ARE ALREADY WITH AN ALTERNATE PROVIDER PLEASE NOTE # 3 BELOW.....we often find Billing Errors on these Alternate Provider's bills.

3).  Looking for billing errors. 

4).  Checking to see if you have taken advantage of all the INCENTIVES that are available to you based on what you do, how you do it, where you do it and why you do?  Typically we can secure refunds for you in this area up to four years in arrears which will also result in future savings.

As a utility broker we make copies of your current provider's bills and work exclusively for WGL Energy to secure lower rates than you are currently paying.  We then present you with savings projections based on moving you to WGL Energy for electricity and gas.  There is no cost to you when we act as brokers.  We are compensated by WGL Energy.

As utility consultants we work on a contingency basis.  If we save you money we savings... there is no cost to you Some of our larger clients have us manage their accounts and for that we bill on an hourly or fixed fee basis.

The starting point is to review your bills.  We then provide a written report with our findings that we then implement with your approval.  What could be easier......We are Painless, Profitable (for you), Professional and Priced right!!!