"We have worked with CorCom Partners Inc. for over 15 years now.  They have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We find them easy to work with and appreciate how they represent us to our providers"......Purchasing Manager, Biotech Association, Rockville, MD.

"CorCom Partners Inc has helped our non-profit, multi-state agency reduce our telecommunication expenses by over $30,000 a year.  They handle all of our customer service issues which frees up our staff to do their jobs and not be on hold with our telecom providers".....Director of Administration and Facilities, Church based charity, Washington, DC.

"Our school has been associated with CorCom Partners for over ten years now.  We are on our second provider with them and they were a tremendous help in getting our lines to the new provider. Wonderful to work with and they have a sense of humor!".....IT Director, Private school, Potomac, MD.

"As a business manager with a foreign embassy I found CorCom Partners Inc. to be a great help in my being able to understand the ways of the telephone industry in the U.S.  They have saved us about 35% on our bills which allows me to re-allocate those savings into other cost centers"......Business Manager. Embassy

"We only have 8 lines in our church, but CorCom Partners Inc. treats us as if we had 80 lines.  We had a major billing error which they helped us to get a refund on.  Without them we would not have known to get the refund!"......Office manager, Baptist church.


Public Utility Consulting

"I had signed off on our electric bills to be paid when CorCom Partners Inc. called to say they thought there was a billing error.  I never saw it, but when the $26,000 refund came in the mail I knew it had been there.  This was after they had secured a $22,000 refund because we missed incentives that were available to us"......Facilities Manager, BioReseach Firm, Rockville, MD.

"My expenses were no where close to our budgets based on the utility increases we were experiencing.  CorCom Partners Inc. had me lock in rates with an alternate provider which saved me money and has allowed me to better budget and forecast for our next fiscal year"...... General Manager, Country Club Montgomery County.

"CorCom Partners Inc was endorsed by us to review our members utility expenses.  Our members were extremely happy to have them help them reduce their expenses.  With the re-imbursement rates being what they are today in health care we need to reduce expense wherever we can".....Executive Director, Major Health Care Association, Virginia.

"Who knew we were qualified to receive incentives on our electric and gas bills?  Surprisingly our CPAs didn't even know.  Our refund in 1992 was $104.000 and we are still saving money today based on their work for us"......CFO, BioTech firm, Rockville, MD.